Yeah, I know that the trailer came out a couple of days ago, yeah I know you’ve seen it already, but ask yourself this…have you READ my opinions for the trailer? No, no you haven’t, so stop wasting time and come read my thoughts on this possible great anime that’s hitting the market 2019.

Truth be told, I kinda waiting for the subs to be available for the trailer, by the time it did come out, I…kinda…forgot about it. ANYWAYS, seeing the anime in motion and animated really got me hyped for what’s to come. As someone who hasn’t read the manga, I’m probably in for a good treat when it comes to the twist and surprises this anime will present to me. This also mean that I have no expectation nor will I get mad if something isn’t as it should be, all that will be after I watched the anime. For those of you who are like me and haven’t read the manga:

Emma, Norman and Ray enjoy a peaceful and happy life in the Grace Field House orphanage. Surrounded by their little brothers and sisters, they have flourished under the tender care of “Mother”, their guardian. However, their world is turned upside down one night as they discover the horrible truth that was hiding behind their idyllic life! They must now escape…or die!

capture-screen (8)

From the presentation to the music, the trailer really set a tone of blissful happiness turned into nightmare and I’m all for it. I can’t wait to review this anime and go on a roller-costar of thrills and horrors.

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