Alright, things got real in this weeks episode of GOBLIN SLAYER Episode 7 – Onward Unto Death. Our heroes venture once more into the belly of the beast, until to get their cheeks clapped and piss their pants! 

The anime starts out with a bath scene with the Priestess interacting with the Sword Maiden. We learned a little bit more about her and what she has endured in her past. Based on the Priest observation, it looks like the scars on her body came from her encounter with the goblins. She also mentions that the Goblin Slayer would one day disappear.

Personally, I just thought that she meant that he’d retire one day. For some reason, I didn’t interpret it as him dying. After that, the squad make their way back into the sewers to learn more about the usual behavior of the goblins. It was here that we learn why the Goblin Slayer bought a canary. OK, before we go one, I gotta mention that Goblin Slayer and the Elf’s interaction has quickly become one of my favorites in the show. It’s funny to see how the Goblin Slayer responds to her questions with smart remarks.

Turns out that the goblins have learned how to manipulate poison gas. Just when you think this little fuckers can’t get any scarier, you found out that they’re now capable of things like crafting poison. Anyways, the team then get jumped by goblins and at first they were doing fine, that was until the Goblin Slayer decides to go for the Champion Goblin, only for him to be one-shotted…again.

capture-screen (7)

This episode really reminded me on just how easily a plan can fall apart. Despite me thinking that the Goblin Slayer was unstoppable, I honestly didn’t realize just how human the guy really was. As soon as the guy goes down, all hell breaks lose and the squad gets swarmed to the heads with goblin. Once again, things looked really grim, especially when the Priestess got her arm bitten by that Champion Goblin, I was shook! For a split second I thought she was going to actually die. I forgot about that plot armour!

It was here that we so a glimpse of what keeps the Goblin Slayer going. He had some type of flashback of what I would assume to be his mentor and just like that the guy gets back up and tries to choke out the Champion Goblin. After that he literally rips out the Goblins eye out. All the goblins saw that, and without hesitation they all took off running. That was funny, because all the goblins saw how weak he was at that point but still chose to run away. I’m thinking that either the Goblin Slayer has some latent power we’ve yet to see or plot to strong and saved him. Either way, that scene was dope as hell.

Now the really weird part was when the Goblin Slayer collapsed and we got a good one minute of just the Canary’s eye. That part weirded me out. Are they trying to say that the Goblin Slayer died? Guess we’ll just have to wait for next week’s episode.

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