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I t seems that I might have to return to the world of FFXIV as they just announced a new expansion at Square Enix’s annual Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest, Shadowbringers, which is coming early summer 2019. As usual,  the expansion will bring a expansive story, raised level cap and multiple new jobs, an of which includes  a gunblade. Oh, and playable Viera and Blue Mages!


So here’s the gist of things, Shadowbrigners follows the last expansion, Stormblood in which the Warrior of Light now must face their greatest challenge become the Warrior of Darkness. The expansion will introduce all-new job classes. One of which is the Gunblade and the other the Blue Mage. The Blue Mage will arrive with the 4.5 update. The Blue Mage is a limited job with a level cap of 50, although will be increased in the future

Now there’s talk of  new race which fans have been asking for ages and that’s the same race Naoki Yoshida strongly hinted that it would be the Viera. The level cap, previously 70, will be raised once again to 80. Looks like we’re heading back to FFXIV.


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