I might be late in talking about BLACKFOX but like you know what they say, “better late than never” right? Today, I wanted to bring BlackFox the upcoming anime by studio 3Hz to your attention. At first I was gonna skip it but as soon as I saw the fighting, I reconsidered by prior decision.

Among the skyscrapers at night, a phantom stands atop a building, with the face of a black fox. Dubbed as an urban legend due to its appearance in video sites, people have come to call the monster “Black Fox.”

It was kind difficult to find some information about this anime, as it is an original work without a manga to support it, but I was able to find something. “BLACKFOX” is a new original animation produced by Studio 3 Hz who’ve worked on “Joker · Game” and “Wind Blowing Up” with director Kazuya Nomura and “Princess · Principal” and “Sword Art · Online Alternative Gangale · Online”. Based on the rough translation, Ryuka or Rikka is a successor to her ninja clan in a small town in Japan. There’s also going to be three girls involved and the story is going to be focused on their relationship as they deal with war between clans. Honestly, that’s all the reasons I need to watch this anime.

Look, the visuals look dope, the animation looks clean and the fight scenes that we’ve seen so far looks epic so hopefully the story holds up.

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