Alright, things are finally heating up in Goblin Slayer as the squad visit the Kingdom of Water to investigate the appearance of…..you guessed it, goblins. That and thr introduction of the Sword Maiden.

The start of this episode had some promise with the introduction of HERO, a spunky young girl that likes to make an appearance. Seeing moments like these kinda makes me hope that the Goblin Slayer at some given point will, against his will, participate in this war that’s going on in their world. Like, in every episode, there’s at least one mentioning of the Demon Lord and it’s getting on my nerves that we can’t learn more about it.

Goblin-Slayer-Light-Novel-Sword-Maiden (1)

Anyways, after asking his squad to join him to go hunt for some goblins, they made their way to the Kingdom of Waters to talk to the Archbishop of the Temple to answers a request by the Sword Maiden to exterminate some goblins. I’m sure she will play some role in all of this soon enough but for now she’s the one that gave them the mission.

Now there’s one think that kinda bothered me in this episode and that is when the Elf and Priest asked the Goblin Slayer to not use fire, water or poison to deal with these goblins. Why would you limit his abilities like that? Aside from that, they went down the sewers to kill these goblins. Nothing stood out except for that massive swamp dragon.

We’re in the right direction narrative wise, so lets hope the pace keeps up. I really wanna see the Goblin Slayer slaughter these goblins in the most epic and horrific way possible, complimented with some epic animation.

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