So after a massive information and news from the Super Smash Bros Ultimate direct, the one aspect that I’ve been personally waiting for has returned, and that is story mode. This time around, the story seems to be even more serious than Sub-Space EMISSARY. So, what can be expect from this new addition.


First of lets talk about what we know about “WORLD OF LIGHT”. Well, for starters the trailers gives us a nice nod with all the fighters standing on the edge of the cliff, just like how they were in Brawl. However, things looked pretty grim real quick with the appearance of a multitude of Master Hands. Now, Marth said that in that trailer that each fighter would need to take down about ten of those Master Hands. Giving that there’s 74 fighters, that means that there’s roughly around 740 Master Hands. Crazy right? Then we see the main boss of all of this, been this multi-colored angelic being in the center. I know that many people have assumed that it could be Taboo, but I don’t think so myself.

Things quickly turn to worse when that winged monster unleashes a beam of light that wipes out every single fighter, the world and in fact the universe itself. This is major stuff, as basically aside from Kirby, everyone is dead. Well, kinda! As we saw with Kirby’s return, the world has been plunged into darkness and Spirits have now occupied the world. The scene then changes to a trophy toy of Mario and a weird ooze that replicate Mario and turns evil. So it goes with out saying that we may have to beat the evil doppleganger to save the main cast.


The trailer had the character voiced for the first time and I was thrilled by it What I liked about Sub-Space EMISSARY is seeing different characters interact with one another and how they would tackle the obstacle in their way. Now it’s really difficult to figure out where this story takes place. Like I said, the fighter all stand at the edge of the iconic cliff in Brawl after defeating Taboo, so those that mean it’s a continuation of that battle? Could Taboo have evolved once again and now has the power to summon more that 700 Master Hands? That would be interesting. And also, in regards to the characters that aren’t playable but will be part of the game as spirits, will some of the have cut scene in the game, with dialogues too? We saw some of them wiped out by the beam of light as well so that could be an indication of that. I mean, why include it?

Also, the choice of using a top-view style gameplay as opposed to the normal gameplay to navigate the map is kinda cool.

Anyways, I can’t wait to play it myself and learn what is really going on.

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