Once again, I decided to watch another anime on random and stumbled upon RErideD – Derrida, who leaps through time and honestly, I wasn’t impressed.

In 2050 engineer Derrida Yvain is famous for his contribution to “Autonomous Machine DZ,” at his father’s company, Rebuild. But when he and his colleague Nathan discover a dangerous flaw in their creation, their warnings go ignored. The next day after Nathan’s daughter Mage’s birthday party, the group barely escapes an attack by unknown forces, leading to Derrida’s unwitting captivity in cryogenic stasis. Ten years later, he emerges in a world at war with the mechanical lifeforms he helped create. Now, he fights to survive his nightmare future to make good his promise to “Take care of Mage.”


This anime pacing wasn’t the best. I tried to follow it at it’s own pace but even still, it just was poorly paced. Animation wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great idea. The concept is kinda cool but the execution just wasn’t there for me. Maybe it gets better in the long run but for me it just wasn’t entertaining to keep watching. Like for instance, they never established what was going on with Derrida and his father. All we knew was that he was son of the DZ automaton inventor Jacques Yvain, and his friend Nathan Bilstein discovered a bug in the DZ operating system. After that, the man gets assassinated and that’s it.

Also how did Derrida stumble into a cryostasis chamber and he goes into a cold sleep by accident. It looked like he did that on purpose but panics once he’s in it. That confused me a bit. He then awakens to a place that has been decimated by war.  Overall, this anime just ain’t for me. Cool concept but I’ve seen better.

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