So today we got another casual episode of GOBLIN SLAYER Episode 5 – Adventures and Daily Life, this time, focusing more on the life of an adventurer. I’ll keep it real with you, there really wasn’t much to talk about in this episode. We follow two novice adventurers who apparently lost their sword in a dungeon and spent the entire time trying to figure out a way to get it back. I will admit thought that it was rather interesting to see how integrated the life of an adventurer is to normal day society in that world and the physiological drama that comes with it. They really took the MMO concept and somehow explained a lot of the small details we tend to glance over when playing. I dunno, maybe it’s just me but I feel like you’ll really appreciate all these small things if you’ve played an MMO and some point in your life. Like when the guy was brutally killing that rat and the giant cockroach, it made me wonder, do they get scarred mentally from doing stuff like that?


Aside from that, we got some slice of life with Goblin Slayer’s party. Each of them approached him for something that I thought it was cool. From Lizardman wanting cheese, Elf girl wanting the Goblin Slayer to join her on another adventure, to the Priest girl thanking him for saving her. We even got more dialogue from the Guild Master Women too. I guess it makes them seem more than just tag alongs or non-important NPC’s. I think the most interesting part for me was the part with the Rhea guy.

Even when that Rhea guy made the decision to keep the treasure chest from his party, it was still described as something that wasn’t illegal and still played a role of an adventurer. When you play MMO’s we all role-play in our heads. We have backstories and give our characters a reason for what they do in that world. From Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil and everything in between, these things are what guides players choices. It’s even more interesting that in Goblin Slayer, a Chaotic evil is still preferred over an actual troublemaker, as unlike a troublemaker, the Chaotic Evil would still bring in a service to the world. So I wonder, if that Rhea hadn’t walked in with those new gear and gotten caught, he would have ranked up, just like the rest of them.

Interesting enough, despite none of them having any names, the show makes an okish attempt to include them to push the narrative further. Yeah, it’s true that I tend to forget them from time to time, but now, I’m starting to think that they’ll all play some type of role soon. Overall, this episode was alright. Now that Goblin Slayer has gotten a new mission, thinks should be taking off now.

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