It’s really starting to look like Koshin Koji might actually be Jiraiya Sensei from the Hidden Leaf village. Back then, I just took it as a rumour but with this latest manga chapter 28 of Boruto: Next Generation, it’s getting really hard to deny the facts.

So in the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, we got a small bonding moment with Naruto and Kawaki. Nothing really out of the ordinary here. Kawaki, as expected had some difficulty adjusting to the peaceful life of Konoha but we can see that he’s making strides to recovery. Honestly, I actually started rooting for Kawaki. Despite his rude attitude, he has his reason for being like that. It’s the first time he’s had any sense of freedom since escaping. I really liked how Naruto stepped up to try and guide Kawaki to the right path. You can see that Naruto sees himself in Kawaki and understands his pain.


However, they real bombshell dropped when we get to the end of the chapter. We see Koshin Koji and his associate standing outside the hidden leave village. Koshin Koji gave a brief explanation on how the Leaf village use sensory jutsu to detect any chakra that isn’t registered in their database if the enters the village. After explaining this to her, he then jumps into the village undetected. First he knows how the leaf villages deals with unwarranted visits from strangers and then he manages to enter undetected.

This just further proves that this guy might very well be the legendary Sanin of the hidden leaf that we all know. I have already giving you guys my opinion on what I think about Jiraiya coming back in Is Jiraiya Back In Boruto: Naruto Next Generation? Is Koshin Koji Really Jiraiya? If this is true….man or man, will the Naruto community lose their shit.

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