As someone who’s being a content creator for quite some time and has observed a lot of content creators over the years in order to better myself, I’ve picked up on a trait that no matter the circumstance, will always lead to a creators downfall. It’s something that a lot of creators seem to fall into without realizing and by the time they do realize it, it becomes too late. After that, they begin this unholy journey to climb this seemingly impossible mountain of recovery, in which only small margin succeed in reaching the top. What I’m talking about is of course is repetition. This holds even more true if you consider yourself a gaming channel.


Even if you’re not familiar with the YouTube/Social Media landscape or what’s involved, you’ve most likely already picked up on it without realizing it. The dangers of being repetitive in this business. Ironically, it’s also the only way to rise to the top. It’s a double edge sword. You gotta focus on one thing so that people will start to identify you and resonate with the content you create, however the moment you branch out too much and try to establish a wider presence, you’re met with heavy resistance or abandonment by the very same people who supported and created the pillars on which you stand on, causing you to fall. It goes without saying but, the faster to rise to the top, the harder you’ll fall to the bottom. Now when I say focus on one thing, I mean like really focusing one aspect or trope and never once diverting.

I may be a small content creator but, I quickly realized this reality by observing the ones above me. I saw how they grew so fast and reaped the rewards, but now struggle to maintain the relevance and influence that they once had. They start to slowly release contents out of the blue that they normally wouldn’t make in hopes to cling to their remaining fame, but from the outside, it just looks like their dying pathetically.

By the time they try to branch out and add more different contents that’s miles from what they’re known for, it becomes too late. They never established any sincere level of trust with their audience, and so, it becomes easier for their “fans” to leave them and find someone else.

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Let me ask you something, take a look at all the influencers and creators you consume their service/product today. How many of them do you really care about? If asked to follow them to another platform, would you do it? That’s the key difference between those that succeed long-term vs those that succeed short-term. That’s something every creator needs to understand. In order to fully succeed in this business, you gotta show humanity and gain their trust! Variety in your work is a pivotal key. It’s true that humans are creatures that don’t like changes and would much rather have something stay the same till the end of time, but as a creator it stifles your creative mindset. That’s when “the phase” begins.

There’s a trend among creators, especially on YouTube, in which after a certain amount of time, they release a video or statement claiming that they’re depressed and feel like they’re stuck in a box, unable to move out for fear of failure. It mostly comes from those that create the same type of content day and night, simply because it gets them more views. Their passion that was once there has all but burned out and now they’re just hollow forms looking for a change.

To wrap this up, here’s my advice, it’s the same advice you’ve heard time and time again yet holds more true than anything else: Create content that makes you happy. Create for engagement, not for views. Create for fun, not for lucre! It’s that simple! Anything that’s worth going for is never easy. There’s no shortcut to long-term success and that’s a fact! But never forget to take care of yourself! Your mental health should be at the forefront of anything.

I just wanted to share this with everyone as this came to my mind in wake of something that transpired. Let me know your thoughts on this subject.

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