I don’t usually like Mech/Gundam style anime but I decided to give SSSS.GRIDMAN a shot as I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times already. I guess I was kinda right, this anime really isn’t for me at all but it might appeal to people who like those sort of things.

To give you guys some synopsis:

 Yuuta Hibiki is a first-year student in high school living in Tsutsujidai. One day, he wakes up without his memories. Yuuta later meets Hyper Agent GRIDMAN who is inside an old computer. GRIDMAN tells him to fulfill his purpose. Yuuta’s quest to understand the meaning behind those words and to find his memories begins. While all of this is sudden, Yuuta has helpful assistance from his classmates, Shou Utsumi, Rikka Takarada, and Akane Shinjou.


I’ll be honest, the first episode started off so generic that I was ready to just drop it ten minutes into it. Tell me if you’ve seen this before; boy wakes up, loses his memories, fights a battle with lack of knowledge on how to fight, wins and begins quest to recover memories. Don’t get me wrong. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? I get it. Anyways, if anything, the major plus for this anime in my opinion is the art direction and its vibrant colors. I don’t know but it’s very pleasant to look at. The music is pretty OK, not my jam but it does set the tone right.

However, as I continued to watch it, I began to get intrigued by the plot of this anime. Its nothing special but it has its merits. Like how a small girl is creating massive monsters/kaiju to kill people that have slightly annoyed her. It’s fucked up but it’s a twist I didn’t see coming. It also a pretty nifty plot that they have in which after every fight, the city is restored but those that died aren’t resurrect and are left forgotten by others.

The only annoyance so to speak, is the CGI during fights. It’s not bad at all but it does draw back in terms fluidness…if that makes any sense. That and they tend to reuse the same animation a couple of times, it’s not bad but it is rather noticeable.

Overall, it’s not a bad anime just not my cup of tea.


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