This weeks episode of Goblin Slayer was pretty interesting. For once we saw Goblin Slayer fight something other than a goblin and somewhat got a character development for Elf girl in the process.

Truth be told, there isn’t much to talk about in this episode. Aside from Elf girl’s whole revelation of Goblin Slayer’s definition of an adventure, it was pretty standard. We got some level of strategy in taking down some sleeping goblins, but overall the big fight came with the appearance of an Ogre. This, I believe was the first appearance of an enemy monster that could talk. I instantly became interested to see how the Goblin Slayer, who’s known for only fighting goblins, would handle a different kind of a monster.


To my surprise, he basically got his ass kicked and put out of commission pretty quickly. The rest of the Slayer Squad had to fight the Orge on their own until Goblin Slayer recovered. What’s interesting here is that for a while now, I always thought that only the Priest had that limitation on how many spells she could cast. However, it appears that this is a universal thing as both the Dwarf and the Lizardman had limits to their abilities. That’s pretty interesting and could create to interesting situation that require strategy.

In the end, the Goblin Slayer finally whips out that scroll he’s been carrying and unleashes a jet-stream that slices and dices the Orge into pieces. Honestly, I really hope that we see more monsters other than the goblins  from time to time as the orge did make things feel refreshing. That and Elf girl wanting to take Goblin Slayer on a real, fun adventure. That got me pondering for a bit. Are adventures really all that fun? The Elf girl was basically describing the sort of adventures that we would tell. An adventure were no one dies and everyone is having fun type of deal. How realistic would that be in their world? Still, she somehow is starting to become my favorite out of the squad because of the way she’s been reacting to everything.

Overall, it was a very good episode.

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