You know what just dawned on me? It’s been three episodes and we’ve have yet to learn anyone’s name. I don’t know if it’s intentional or what but it’s kinda funny to me. Anyways, GOBLIN SLAYER Episode 3 – Unexpected Visitors builds upon episode 2 with some more back lore and introducing new people into the Goblin Slayers team.

Aside from the fact that the Goblin Slayer hunts only goblins, the anime does a good job in reminding us that there are other monsters out there in their world that the four races are dealing with on a daily bases. With the introduction of there being a god of light, order and fate and a god of darkness, chaos and coincidence playing dices to see who will rule over the world, there’s also a demon king who’s assembling an army of monsters to overthrow the kingdoms.

It got me very intrigued to seeing and learning more about this world. But alas, that might never happen. Goblin Slayer has made it very clear that his one and only objective in life is to kill goblins. And I kinda get it. When the army of monsters are attacking the kingdoms, someone’s gotta look out for the little guys. He made a good point on that. Leaders tend to overlook small villages in favor of protecting larger kingdoms and so the Goblin Slayer has taking it upon himself to look after the small villagers.


The episodes also introduced to us four new characters, a elf, a witch (we saw her a while back), a dwarf and a lizardman. None of them have names apparently as they didn’t even introduced themselves. I don’t know about you but, it’s becoming some kinda  of a pet peeve with me. Anyways, they all seemed kinda cool, each with their singular goal in mind. Elf wants to see the world, dwarf wants money and lizardman wants to become a dragon.

Actually, Lizardman has the best one. It’d be pretty cool to see that happen. We learned a bit more about the current four nations and their relationship with each other, one being that an elf and a dwarf been on the same team is a big no. Apparently, the Elf and the Dwarfs don’t like each other and the Human kingdom is the most powerful right now! After that, they touched on the origins of the goblins  but I didn’t care much for that. It was all speculation by them anyways.

Overall, there wasn’t much to go on. Aside from that epic shot by the elf, everything else was alright. Maybe the next episode will bring some action into the mix.

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