OK, so you probably read the title and thought to yourself…”wait, what?” Hear me out here. They’ve been many great games that have come out in the past, that should have sold well, however, for whatever reason, they get completely overlooked and forgotten in time. I want explain to you why that’s happening.

The gaming industry is a very competitive market, many game developers and publishers want you, the consumer, to spend your hard earned money on their games that they’ve created. Well, if you’ve paid any attention in the past couple of years, you’d probably have said something in the lines of:

Damm, X is coming out THIS MONTH? Isn’t Y coming out this month too? Oh shit, Z is also coming out next week as well. RIP my wallet!


However as a consumer, who has all these options available, and with a limited budget, are most likely gonna choose only one game to purchase. This is the problem as to why certain games don’t do as well as they should and these game publishers won’t admit.

Instead of strategically placing their games at a time where there’s no other games out there that could pose a threat to their sales, they instead purposely choose to release their games at the same time as a game that would not only have the brand and reputation backing it up, but is also most of the time, the superior game to boot. We live in a different time, where word of mouth is PIVOTAL to a games success. It doesn’t matter if a reviewers like IGN or GameSpot gives a game a decent review, if your mates or your favorite influencers aren’t talking about your game and spreading awareness, it’s GG!

So, it confuses me to infinity why certain games publishers would CHOOSE to release their games at a certain date. Take Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. That game made the unfortunate mistake on releasing side by side with Dragon Ball FighterZ. Now, it’s dead! It died two days after release, whit the online been damm near deserted. People who streamed the game barely got more than 20 views. I know this cause I checked at the time to see how it was doing as I too was interested to play the game.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider got webbed up by Spider-Man PS4. These are just small example of what happens when publishers think that they got a chance and let their ego go wild. It’s why certain companies are shutting down because they can’t stay profitable.

That’s why, I think that these game publishers are killing their own games. When we have 3 months of summer where literally no games tend to come out, you’d think someone would take advantage of it.

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