It took me exactly two days to get to grips with what I saw in episode 1 of Goblin Slayer! So why in goodness gracious am I back for episode 2 you ask? Shit, I ain’t no bitch! Nah, but for real this is a graphic series, and not recommended for everyone. Now that I know what to expect, I won’t get caught off guard again. That, and the fact that it’s pretty interesting to see a guy so devoted to only slaughtering goblins. I’m here for the plot basically…..

With episode two of the Goblin Slayer, we got a glimpse of the guy’s past. Not gonna lie, two minutes into the episode and I already was able to put the pieces together. I knew what drove him to become the Goblin Slayer and how he got so good at it. However, it was still fascinating to learn about the world in the process. They way these heroes talked about the quest while they were selecting it, felt like I was watching actual players talk when you play MMO. We saw the key players in the story right of the bat and they all had time to talk shit about a man whose doing the jobs no one wants.

The core of the episode was focused around trauma and revenge. The guy had lost everything and had to watch it all happen before him. That would mess up anyone. Now he’s dedicating his life to eradicating the goblins from the face of the earth. Yeah, they glossed over his childhood friend but we didn’t learn much about her aside from the fact that she has some MASSIVE…plot devices that could play a major role later on in the series.


There were some gruesome images in this episode, like a girl been burned alive and another girl  dead on the floor but those scenes where cut short. Another reminder that these Goblins are pure evil. The narrator explains that while some adventurers think that they were successful in driving away a goblin, it only gets worse as the goblin will learn from that experience and become stronger, just like the adventurers. Basically everything in this world gains xp.

Anyways, I really felt that this episode did a really good job of at least giving us the viewers with some context for the world itself. They really painted the goblins as true monsters with the ability to adapt and survive, which makes them extremely dangerous if spared. It adds weight to why Goblin Slayer goes to such lengths to completely eradicate them. What I’d like to know is, how long has he been this?


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