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I was lucky enough to be selected for the closed beta of Jump Force and I’m here to share my two cents of the game itself.

Keep in mind that everything I say from here on forward is my impression of the closed beta and it’s subject to change when the final version of the game is released. So what did I think of the closed beta of Jump Force? There was only one word that kept coming to my mind as I played the game and that was, polish and balance! Let me elaborate!


From my first match to the very last fight, all that I could think of is how much polish this game needed. Yes, when I played online, the net code was fine and I rarely ran into any lag. Combos would string nicely on the ground for the most part but, the game looked and felt like an unpolished alpha game than a game in its beta phase. You get me? Like, at its core the game works and plays well but the presentation for me fell short.

For balance, I’m mostly referring to move-set that I’ve already discovered to be broken in the game. If this game is to be successful online, there needs to be a fine-tuning to some of these moveset. An example would be Gon’s Jajanken and Pegasus Seiya’s Pegasuses Meteor attack. You have no idea how easily does moves can be abused online, that’s how I won most of my fights.

Other than that, I actually had fun for the most part. Is it fun enough to justify a pre-order? No! Absolutely not. Not yet anyways. However, the game is fun but I’ll need to see more to know for sure.

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