With the recent Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer 2 basically retconning the origins of Dragon Ball itself (even though Minus did first), it begs to question to just how much should we tolerate when it comes to these massive changes in the story that we’ve come to know!

I’ve been thinking about the latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer (fucking epic btw) and I liked the trailer but some of the changes that have been made just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and supporting it blindly just because I’m a fan of Dragon Ball is pure madness to me.


OK, let’s go look at the changes of Goku’s origin. So, according to the trailer itself, Goku has in fact spent some time in Planet Vegeta, knew who his parents were and of course left the planet at what I’d consider to be around the age of maybe 4 – 5 years old. They also incorporated the Dragon Ball Minus lore (which I haven’t read nor will I anytime soon) into this movie. So along with Goku’s origins, Bardock character has gotten a rework and Gina will make her official appearance. To me, I kinda like this new take of Goku’s origin story as I know it’s gonna make a huge impact to us when we see it on  the big screen but it clashes so badly with what’s already established in the Dragon Ball lore that I can’t agree with it so easily.

Yes, Toriyama has had a reputation for making decisions that looks bad on paper but ends up working well on screen, take example Goku Black and Frieza’s return. However, they also tend to backfire too, take Trunks beating Fused Zamasu with a Spirit Sword. And who knows just how much this movie’s going to retcon, we’ve only just seen a small portion of it. Naturally, it’s never wise to judge anything until one has seen it for themselves, but I’m looking at it from a narrative and world building perspective. How much retcon is too much?

Dragon Ball Super is already a cluster fuck when it comes to power-scaling, having way too much dialogue during fights and inconsistency, and now the movie is throwing this bag into the mix, so I can’t help but worry on how this new aspect of the story will be handled. However, I’m excited for this direction as well. It could open up some interesting possibilities. It has always bothered me that Goku never really cared to know about his parents and where he came from. I’m mean that’s a question that anyone who’s experienced amnesia has done. Maybe during his fight with Broly, he’ll unlock a portion of his memory and remember at least his mother and father’s face. I doubt it but it could happen.


Of course, I haven’t touched on the other retcons that the movie, like Vegeta’s age change but that one is for another day. Let me know how you feel about all these retcon that’s happening in Dragon Ball Super?

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