So, somehow I missed the fact that a new episode of Attack on Titan Season 3 came out yesterday so you already know what time it is…Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 11 (48) bringing something none of knew, that a bystander may hold the secret to Grisha’s past.

It’s been two months since Historia’s coronation, the squads since then have been spending most of their time caring for children at a rural orphanage. Meanwhile, humanity’s defense capabilities are enhanced thanks to Eren’s increasing control of his Titan hardening ability and Hange’s development of a new anti-Titan weapon for wall defense called the “Executioner from Hell”. Things are looking like they’re finally aligning to the scouts favor. Eren’s attitude also has changed so drastically thanks to this endeavour and it’s truly staggering. And…I get it! Yeah , I gave Eren shit before but when I really think about it, it makes sense.


Anyways, Eren suddenly recalls that the man in his vision who knew his father.  It turns out it’s the very first man that we got introduced back in Season 1, former Cadet Corps Commander Keith Sadies. That was honestly the LAST person I’d expect to any connection with Eren’s dad. It actually now makes sense that the title of this episode is called “Bystander”. This man stood in the sideline the entire time and it was interesting to see his perspective of the events that has transpired.

The scouts question Sadies who tells them of the time 20 years ago when he met Grisha Jaeger outside Wall Maria with amnesia. Grisha learned about life within the walls, used his abilities as a doctor to heal the sick, and later married Carla who gave birth to their son Eren. He then resigned his post to focus on training the Cadet Corps. It’s kinda sad that he went through his entire life like that.

Overall, this was a pretty chill episode. We did about Grisha a bit but he’s still a mystery. Hopefully, we’ll get some progress towards the basement soon.

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