The fall season is here and with that comes a whole plethora of anime to watch. Today, I decided to check out Goblin Slayer since it’s one of the anime I covered and OMG, I DID NOT EXPECT IT TO BE THIS DARK AND TWISTED. I’ve played a lot of MMO’s in my time and never have I looked at goblins as anything more than dumb trolls. However, after watching the first episode of Goblin Slayer, I’ll never be able to look at a goblin the same way again.

Let me start by saying that this anime is not for the fainthearted. It started out lighthearted, with a young priestess girl starting out on her first adventure but quickly goes into Berserk anime territory, with young girls getting raped by goblins. I’m not gonna lie, my stomach twisted up from hearing that poor girl get abused like that.

OK let me back up a bit and talk through it. So the episode starts out with a young girl, a priestess who finally has gotten to the age in which she is able now to join parties and go out on adventures. It doesn’t take long for a group of adventurers to approach her and ask her to join the party. We all know how valuable healers are in MMO. Anyways, she agrees and they immediately head out to the goblin’s cave. The guy who was leading the charge seemed confident in his ability to take out a bunch of goblins the size of children and me being oblivious to what was about to take place just thought that his ass was about to get rekt in a funny way. Little did I know, just how brutal he was about to get rekt.

maxresdefault (4)

So the Goblins show up and at first, they gave off this idiotic presence, like they weren’t much of a threat. That’s when all hell broke lose. One by one, these poor kids got violated, and I mean V-I-O-L-A-T-E-D! Shit was bad. I was shook by what I saw. I knew this anime was dark from the trailers, but I didn’t expect this.

Soon, the Goblin Slayer stepped into the scene and murdered those fucking goblins,  and I was happy as fuck. Yep, even when the Goblin Slayer found those goblin kids, I was like NOPE, KILL THEM ALL WITH FIRE! You don’t even understand, the next time I see goblins in any video game, I’ll smite them all without hesitation. Anyways, they were able to safe the girls and apparently this is a common thing in this town. Damm!

The visuals for this anime is insanely good in my opinion. And that music was pretty good and well and really helped with certain scene to great this dark vibe. Yeah, I might need to start reviewing this anime on a weekly bases as a replacement for Attack on Titan. Overall, I’m afraid to even think what the future episodr are going to be like.


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