Listen, I RARELY if ever check out web comics, but I have to say, unORDINARY has got to be the most engrossing webcomic that I’ve read in recent times. I planned on just reading ten pages at most to get a feel for this comic by uru-chan but before I realized it, I was 50 pages in at 2am at night reading this comic.

The comic tells the story of John, who is a boy without powers in a world where having powers is the norm. Sound familiar? However, contrary to that statement, that’s where the similarities ends. The world of John is not perfect. The have this weird hierarchy thing going on in which the strong decide what happens and the weak are often picked on. In John’s case, he’s an ordinary guy born into an unordinary world….see what I did there? Yeah you like that one huh? I’m nice like that!

Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life there. The story starts with John transferring to the top school in the country called Wellston High, one that hosts a bunch of really powerful students. As soon as they other students realises that John has no powers, they begin kicking the living dog shit out of him on a daily bases. It wasn’t until he met Seraphina that things started to go a bit easy for me.

Seraphina is a student of Wellston High and one of the main protagonists of the unOrdinary. She is the strongest student in Wellston. She became John’s best friend and together began to tell a narrative that I honestly wasn’t expecting from this comic.


As I’ve mentioned before, they world works in a “the strong lead while the weak follows” mentality. Schools have something called Turf wars to determine who’s the best. People are rated by a point system that determines their worth and heroes that try to do the right thing are ridiculed and the fights are brutal as well. People fight if you look at them the wrong way. It’s insane. It’s like a “what you happen if the world of My Hero Academia went wrong”. It’s such an interesting read!

There’s other supporting cast as well and at the beginning you’d think that these characters will fall under basic tropes, but as the story unfolds, they’re characters really starts to take a different turn. What I really like about the comic is the pacing of the story and John as a character. You’d think that a guy without any powers would cower in the face of all these godly powers, but my man just keeps on trekking and steps in when he sees someone get bullied.

Overall, it’s definitely worth the read, especially since it’s free and you get it by simply going to WebToons and/or downloading the app itself. That’s what I did and my experience so far has being great.

Here’s a trailer if you’re still not convinced:

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