“How many more Spider-People are there?” is the game normies are asking while watching this trailer, however us intellectuals (smirks), already know that answer. The new SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE – Official Trailer #2 has revealed more spider-mens and a look at the villain behind this multiverse mayhem.

This trailer introduced Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham and this new kid with a Spider-Mech. I couldn’t tell you if that kid is a new addition to the movie only or an obscure character from a comic line that I’m not familiar with but I will say that she has this funny anime quirk to her. Once again, I have to point out the animation of this film. I really like the part when Gwen-Stacy was introduced and she jumped of a building and it cut into her doing some dope ass aerial maneuvers. That shit looked smooth to me. If the fights scenes are like hat then I’m sold.

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