If You Could Create Your Own My Hero Quirk, What Would It Be? – #MyHeroQuirkChallenge

Ever since I watched the latest episode of My Hero Academia and the introduction of Mirio Togata and his quirk, I haven’t stopped thinking about of the concept of quirks. In the world of My Hero Academia, there’s a multitude of different kinds of quirks available, from the super OP ones to the quirks that have been deemed low-class. Each quirk is super unique, each with it’s own pros and cons and that’s why I got the idea, what if you’re able to create your own quirk but with flaws included.

Now, it comes to no one’s surprise that if you asked someone what their quirk would be, a lot of people would start to create a quirk with virtually no flaws. In my hero academia however, with every quirk, there’s an inherent flaw that can be found and it’s up to the user of the quirk to overcome these obstacles. Mirio Togata is the perfect example of this. With a quirk that seems utterly terrible, he was able to turn his negative into a positive force.

So I challenged myself to create my own quirk that I’d like, however, the trick here is to add a flaw or an inherent obstacle that makes sense for that quirk. For example, Todoroki, can’t use one of his quirk alone without either burning or freezing himself, Aizawa can stop any quirk but can’t keep his eyes open forever. Things like that. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just something you’d consider a flaw!


For me, normally I’d go for a fire-based quirk, however I wanted to create a brand new quirk that I’ve yet to see for myself. This time, I opted for a Light-Energy based quirk called “HolyLight!”

Essentially, this quirk is the manipulation of light/energy. I am able to create constructs of light and energy and can use them as projectiles, armor, wings for flight or create manifest weapons for close combat. Also as a bonus, my quirk “HolyLight” protects me against the harmful UV rays, basically negating its effects on me!

Now the real challenges comes when thinking up a practical flaw with this quirk. I decided to make my quirk absorption based. This means I use my day to day absorption of the sun to get my Vitamin D to also convert it into power. Which also means that if I’m cut off from the sun for a certain period of time, the efficiency of my quirk goes down. So for example, if it were nighttime and I was outside, then I’d lose 25% of my quirk strengths. If I’m inside a building at night, then it goes down to 50%. I’ll iron out the details later. Man-made light will not charge me up at all and I can’t absorb light or energy based attacks from other quirk users.

Likewise, if it’s a clear sky, then my power increases to 25%. So yeah, that’s my quirk. Now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear your own unique quirk and see how you’ll go about creating it. It’s a small challenge that I’d like to see bloggers, content creators or even casual participate. Lets have fun!


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  1. Okay, if I’m assuming we’re in the My Hero Academia universe and I actually wanted to be a hero, I’d probably like a quirk that allowed me to predict someone’s movements for a set period of time in the future. This would be great for one on one conflicts, however the flaw would be that it would literally just be for one opponent and so group fights would kind of suck.

      • I’m just imagining this would be more useful if you were double teaming a villain where the one with the prediction quirk simply directs someone who has a strength type quirk in their attacks. Again though, pretty useless if there is more than one villain.

      • True. The other use for it would be for tracking someone down rather than fighting them. If you can predict one person’s movements you can figure out where they are going to be and when. Imagine how much simpler finding Bakugo would have been.

    • Yeah, I get you totally! With Endeavor and Dabi being in the picture, I was all set just to pick one of their quirks. Fire based…anything is my shit, but I’ve started to appreciate Light/Energy or Shadow type powers as well 🙂

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