My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 25 (63), the students of Class 1-A learn about work studies from the Big Three. Meanwhile, the villains also prepare their next steps. This may be the end of Season 3 but it’s also a set for what’s coming next in My Hero Academia Season 4!

Season 3 of My Hero Academia concludes with a good teaser for whats to come. The Big Three made their grand entrance into the classroom. The Big 3 of U.A. represent Japan’s Top Hero Candidates. Tamaki Amajiki tried to make his introduction but failed as he got super nervous and wanted to bail. Nejire Hado went up next and literally went around asking everyone questions without even allowing them to answer her question. It wan’t until Mirio Togata stepped up and challenges everyone to a One vs All fight. I knew that Mirio was going to kick ass but I wasn’t expecting a one hit KO.


Afterwards, Mirio began explaining his experience and as he explained how his quirk, Permeation works, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by this man. His quirk allowed him to become intangible, letting him travel through solid walls and the ground, while letting enemy attacks slip through him. However, while fully intangible he can no longer see, hear, or breathe, and can only experience a falling sensation. That concept alone is frightening, but the fact that he continued to train and fight to reach the top despite his disadvantage is impressive as hell. He also gave off this All Might vibe too! Maybe that’s why. It’s like real life! You gotta make the most with what you have despite the obstacle in your way.

Meanwhile the villains are also making their moves with Overhaul meeting up with Tomura Shigaraki. And that how the season ends. Overall, it’s been a fun experience and I promise you guys that the next season will perhaps be the greatest out of all of them. I honestly can’t to see it animated. Be prepared.

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