OK…I know what you’re thinking and you’re probably HARSHLY judging me for this BUT, I need to talk about this for a minute, because EVEN Nintendo themselves have pondered the idea of Bowsette and I feel like this needs to be said.


Trust me, I wanted to stay FAR away from this topic. I mean damm, nothing is innocent anymore. What the internet has done with Bowser is damm near unforgivable. However, some things need to be said. Bowsette is a trap my G! Yeah, that’s right, no matter how you slice it, Bowsette is out there trapping millions online. Luckily, there’s new princess on the rise to save you suckers from Bowsette’s trap and her name is Boosette. You’re welcome you nasty fuck!

Hopefully, by now you can tell that I’m joking around but I will say that Boosette is the better one of the two so called princesses in terms of design. So I wanted to settle this once and for all and ask you guys who you think is the better princess.

The other reason why I brought this up is that EVEN NINTENDO almost made Bowsette canon. According to IGN, they had an early draft of him and everything:


And if you’re saying “why can’t we have both?”….NO! There can only be one! Choose wisely HERE IN THIS STRAWPOLL and tell me why below!

But in all seriousness, it’s kinda wild how a fan art blew up like this.




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