Just like you, I was a huge fan of the Telltale games, most famous been the Walking Dead that’s currently following the tale of Clementine and her struggles to survive a zombie apocalyptic world. As of this writing, the company has begun its shutdown process, leaving all its project on standstill, including The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

According to Telltale Games, the developer of licensed adventure titles such as the Walking Dead series, Game of Thrones and Batmanhas laid off most of its staff, with the intention of closing the studio. This is devastating to hear as we were so close to seeing how Clementine’s story would end. Of course, it goes without saying that it’s even more devastating to know that all these amazing and talented people who’ve worked on the games are now out of a job.

Even Melissa Hutchison, the actor who portrayed Clementine in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series, had this to say:

“I, unfortunately, like most of you, do not have the details on how this all came to be and I also do not know the fate of the final season of TWD,” she said. “To my knowledge, they will release Episode 2 and then that will be it. It hurts me that you, the fans, will not get to see Clem’s journey through to the end.”


The people behind TellTales noted that it had endured “an incredibly difficult year” in which critical successes were not met with good enough sales to stay in business, and that got me thinking.

Now, I’m not saying this as 100% factual, but maybe it may have something to do with YouTube and how their games aren’t as multi-choice narrated as they’d like us to believe. With their games being so heavily story-oriented, could it be that many who’ve watched the games online, simply did not see the need to purchase it anymore. That is one plausible reason for this unfortunate outcome. Another reason why i think that they failed is because of how wide-spread Telltale games ended up being. They made so many games and were spread out so thin that their games suffered in quality. I’ll be honest, after the first Season of TellTale Games The Walking Dead, I didn’t care much for any of the new characters introduced expect for Clementine. That might also have played a factor in their sales.

They may not say it, but I honestly feel like some of these may have contributed to their sales been as low as they are. I really hope these people are picked up by amazing company that will make use of their talents. So far that’s looking like it’s the case:

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