This episode was something else.  There wasn’t any action whatsoever but, we learned a great deal of backstory from Kenny’s perspective and why he did the things that he did! Kenny recalls the life which has brought him to death’s door, but he gets to decide whether to live on or not. Also, All Hail Queen Historia! That is all. Now lets get to the review shall we?

The first half of the episode was more of a flashback of how Kenny met Uri, the previous owner of the Founding Titan power. Their encounter with each other was an interesting one. I’m still not sure why Uri spared Kenny’s life at that time but that left a massive impact on Kenny’s life. It was interesting to see the reasoning behind Kenny’s actions, how he raised Levi and the way he views the world.  Although he had a chance to turn himself into a titan, he opted against it and gave the serum to Levi. Now what happens to the serum form this point on is going to be a very interesting outcome. What would happen if an Ackermann took the serum? Would the people able to become a titan and control the powers like Eren? So many questions. Also the moment he revealed that he’s Levi’s uncle which shook Levi wan’t as impact-full to me as I had hoped. I dunno, I thought I’d feel some type of way but nope.


The second half was alright to be honest. We saw our main girl Historia become the rightful Queen and her first action was to PUNCH LEVI! Like, it’s a wrap! Historia has surpassed Mikasa as Best Girl, a feat previously thought to be impossible. It wasn’t until the very end of the episode did we get a hint for what’s to come. From what I could gather, it appears that Reiner had fought the Ape Titan to decide whether they could save Anna or get the coordinator from Eren. Reiner got the ever living dog shit kicked outta him and lost. And we got to finally see the man behind the titan…and I couldn’t recognizance him. He reminds me of an older Armin for some reason. Might be the blonde hair. I dunno, at this point, anything is possible.

Overall, this episode was a great episode.

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