This, this is the arc that I’ve been waiting for a long ass time to be animated. The moment I saw Overhaul and The Big Three on screen, I knew that we’re in for one hell of a journey. The world has changed for villains and heroes alike in the weeks after All Might’s fight with All For One, and the U.A. students have started their second semester. 


The first half of the episode followed Twice as he gave us a narration of how he perceived the world around him. I’ll be honest with you guys, I wasn’t too interested in his segment, mostly because of my prior knowledge from reading the manga. I’m sure he may have said some important things, like how it’s important to know one self, which I agree but I really didn’t care. It wasn’t until Overhaul finally came to the screen did I resume paying attention. It was also the first time we got to hear his voice and see him animated which was pretty dope. He gave off that same vibe on screen that he did in the manga so I’m thrilled to see him get into his mafia mischief in this arc

Later on we learned that all of Class 1-B passed, and I’m not gonna lie, Neito Monoma made me crack a smile. When that man took that pose to announce his classmates success, I felt Class 1-A’s pain. You can’t tell me that Neito Monoma didn’t have sauce dripping off of him when he took that pose, shit was kinda cool. After also trying to get the exchange student Pony Tsunotori to trash talk in the most cutest way possible, Itsuka Kendo had to put a stop to his madness.


Some parts were alright, with Deku and Bakugo realizing that they’re falling behind rapidly, the only other segment that I cared about was when MY BOY, Itsuka Kendo finally said some few words to Deku. Of course Deku couldn’t tell who he was and he  also only showed his face at the time. It wasn’t till the very end that the Big Three were properly introduced. That OST that played when these three walked in was fire. I knew we were in for some amazing arc action.

Overall though, the episode was alright. It acted more as a set-up for things to come but it was necessary. Trust me, when this arc finally kicks off, you’ll understand the significant of why I’m hyping these three guys up like this.

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