So, I’m assuming we’re all Historia stans now huh? Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 46 – Ruler of the Walls brought the climatic chase to stop the giant titan that is Rod Reiss to an end.

This episode was kinda dope, but not so dope if I’m being honest. My girl Historia got even more limelight, Eren finally snapped out of his bullshit and we saw the end of Rod Reiss. Before I go and talk about the episode as a whole, I gotta talk about Eren’s character. In my last review, I went a little bit harsh on him. I reflected on everything that he went through and came to a conclusion that I was wrong. If you’d have put any other person in his position, they’d have long jumped over a bridge. He withstood all of that and it wasn’t until the very end that he began to lose it. However, after Eren himself started reflecting on how he’s being behaving, he decided that it’s time to get over it.


aot titan

Anyways, lets talk about the way they defeated Rod Reiss. I ain’t gonna lie, that was kinda anti-climatic. Maybe it’s just me, but I was expecting this epic, flashy scene with a powerful music to follow up this arc of sort. However, all we got his Eren chucking a ton of TNT inside Rod. I mean, I liked the contrast they showed between the Rod Titan attack with these kids vs when then Colossus titan attacked. Aside from that, it was alright for me.

Then comes Historia, who after killing her Dad, had some weird flashbacks. Now she doesn’t even know if her action are that of her own. I mean their could be more to it than what’ we’ve known so far. To me, the only interesting parts were that of Historia and Kenny’s possible last words. The man pulled out a serum in front of Levi and of course that’s got your boy intrigued as hell as to what Levi might do.

Overall, it was a passable episode.

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