Following the provisional licensing exam, Bakugo confronts Deku about his powers as they have a heart-to-heart through their fight. And man oh man was that fight awesomely animated.


Listen, I could sit here and talk about the emotional impact that fight had on those boys but I would be here for a long ass time. So I’ll keep it brief. Lets start with Bakugo, who’s gone through more character development than people would like to admit. Bakugo is always seen as someone who’s just the rage-head and nothing more.

A piece of shit that constantly bullies Deku and should be wiped out from the show. And for the most part, people aren’t wrong. However, when you really look into Bakugo’s personality and why he’s the way that he is, you can’t help at least appreciate how he’s slowly changing over the course of this series. He understand the circumstances and feel guilty because of it. He’s acknowledge Deku as the successor of All Might and has set his mind to ensure that Deku doesn’t fail. The complete opposite to Endeavor and All Might

The same thing can easily be said to Deku as well. I couldn’t tell you how fucking happy I was when he stood up to Bakugo and threw hands with him. That growth is undeniable. My BOY finally (kinda) stopped being a little bitch and stood up for himself and at the same time, Bakugo finally admitted that he’s a weak.


Not only that but after the credits, you can see Deku asking for Bakugo’s opinion about his Shoot Style, which Bakugo actually gave constructive advise, something he would never have done before. Deku has finally gotten Bakugo to somewhat acknowledge him as a rival of sort. It’s something anyways.

The fight scene throughout was beautifully animated. The use of smears  for example while Deku was spinning was epic as hell. The really did a great job capturing the intensity of the fight between these two heroes. Of course All Might steps in and calms the situation down. Overall, that was a very epic fight scene. However, the REAL fight starts next week with the introduction of the big three.

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