Spider-Man PS4 – A Spectacular Game! Spoiler-Free Review

I, just like many of you guys out there chose to spend their weekend playing what perhaps  might be THE greatest Spider-Man game to date.

The premises of this game is set 8 years Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. He is a master at his craft and it shows as you swing and traverse the massive open world city of New York. It’s amazing! Simply put, it is just amazing to swing around the city and explore everything the world has to offer. The swinging mechanic is the most satisfied thing in the game. Coupled that with the lush and incredibly detailed world, you’ll find yourself swinging around aimlessly for hours on end without actually doing any of the missions. I know this because that exactly what I did. It’s just so much fun. My hand literally hurts from how long I’ve been playing the game.


The story was fantastic as well. It a refreshing new take on Peter/Spider-Man already established story and origin. Watching the narrative be told from not only Spider-Man, but Peter Parker as well, which really made it more impact-full. The moments that you get to play as Peter Parker were just as fun as playing Spider-Man. Not from a gameplay perspective, but from a narrative perspective. We got to see a fully matured Peter Parker deal with everyday adult problems that I related on a personal level. MJ and Miles Morale and just the right amount of screen time that I naturally began caring for these characters over time. The twist in the story can be seen coming but the emotional weight that it caries was not. That shit got man.

The visuals and graphics of Spider-Man PS4 is damm near fantastic. The facial animation is the best I’ve ever seen in a Spider-Man game and because of it, it made watching these cut-scenes that much more enjoyable. Also this game is incredible polished. What I mean is, when Spidey is engaged in a dialogue, he seamlessly switches between two different vocals depending on whether or not he’s exerting himself aka swinging around new york. It’s small details like that that adds to the immersion.

But that’s not all this game has to offer! The variety of side missions offered in Spider-Man is INSANE. Insomniac Games managed to add multitude of different kinds of  side missions that you can most possible play forever. From mission from Task Master to Black Cat, these mission are but fun and fulling to do and the reward is worth it. Not to mention the photo mode in the game. You can take some of the most amazing shots with spidey.


The game also offers a crafting system but I wouldn’t really call it a crafting! I mean it’s aight but it could’ve been better. Or at the very least, not been called a crafting system. There’s a number of suit that you can unlock and each of the have there on special abilities. Luckily, you can swap the abilities out so you can wear the suit that you like while, using the best ability for the situation.

Overall, this game is a MUST PLAY id you own a PS4. Even if you’re not a Spider-Man fan, as a game itself, it’s definitely worth the time. Insomniac Games went above and beyond to create an experience that allows even the biggest of fans to feel like Spider-Man, and they damm well succeeded. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Spider-Man!


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