So, who here knew that Rod Reiss would turn into a damm bug-like Titan that’s crawling on the earth like the vermin that he is? Not me anyways but that scene was just disturbing to see. 

When everything falls apart, everyone had to give Eren a pep talk. I mean, I understand that Eren is going through some world-shattering crisis but I honestly wasn’t expecting him to be this much of a crybaby. It actually made me go from feeling bad for the guy to straight up going “Get the fuck up, bitch”! Even his squad looked at him like he’s pathetic. In the end, Levi gave him a choice once again, and this time Eren chose to believe in himself. He grabbed the Armour elixir and straight up turned into a Titan and used the hardening technique to save everyone.


Once everyone got out, they began discussing their plans to stop Rod from reaching the city.  Eren, still of his wimp shit, suggested that he lets Rod eat him. However, my girl Historia offered a much better solution. Her plan was to like, it’s being in the past, to seal the damm hold int he wall and get to the basement. I mean like, this episode really drilled it into my mind that Eren has lost all drive that he had in season one. Sometimes it feels like everyone else is more important than him and he’s only a tool for progressing the story. Hopefully he snaps outta that shit quick. Also, I wonder how Eren will tap into the Founding Titan powers. Will it corrupt him? Or will he finally purge the Titans!

I’m so curious on how they’re gonna beat Rod’s Titan’s form too. He’s body is literally scorching the land around him and approaching him is not an option. That fight is going to be some top tier shit. I can’t wait.

Anyways, overall the episode was alright, but I seriously need some titan battles to happen soon.

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