First off, my apologies for this late review, the greatest super hero game dropped over the weekend and your boy vanished into the depths of virtual New York to swing around and web up villains! Anyways I took a small break from that greatness aka Spider-Man PS4 to continue the weekly My Hero Academia Season 3 reviews with Episode 60 – A Talk about Your Quirk!

The provisional licensing exam FINALLY concluded and the students get their results. Naturally, Deku passed however, Todoroki and Bakugo both failed which wasn’t much of a surprise on Bakugo’s case. The premise of this episode was on All Might’s visit to All for One and Bakugo’s conclusion to Deku’s powers.


Let’s talk about that first. Despite Bakugo’s nature and how he’s gotten the community split right down the middle, you can’t deny that he’s progressing as a character. His deduction skills, with the limited information he had was insane. Like, I was watching that scene and said to myself “you got all that just from one line Deku said?” On top of that, his anger towards Deku has slowly but surely reduced over time. It’s interesting to see someone like Bakugo, with a superior complex finally coming to terms of his imperfection and short coming. Their fight is going to be one of pure heavy emotions.

Meanwhile All Might had a talk with All For One about what has transpired during their last fight. They’re interaction was intense as well. All for One had the upper hand the entire time and was jerking All Might throughout their interaction. All for One made it clear that he still has a whole lot of tricks up his sleeves and ensured All Might that despite him being in hell, he’d still won the war and has set the pieces in motion for the next one. This also boosted All Might’s will and determination to ensure that he will not die and will stop whatever plan he’s set in motion.

Overall, it was an intense episode in my opinion, especially All for One and All Might’s talk.

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