Rejoice, fellow hunters across the world, Hunter X Hunter is FINALLY coming out of hiatus and will resume again starting September 22. The manga anyways, there’s anime coming as well but….

Well, to be more precise, it’s about a mobile game…yeah I know!

According to Crunchyroll:

Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure, an upcoming smartphone game that takes Gon and the gang back to Greed Island for more high-stakes card battles. Bandai Namco has since followed up with a new anime prologue trailer, visual, more details, and a healthy handful of screens.

In Greed Adventure, hunters start receiving an application that says, “G.I. 2 Beta Test Players Wanted.” Yep, Greed Island is back, but this version features a new game master in the form of state-of-the-art AI. Thanks to this, player emotion is sent as feedback and dungeons and towns are automatically generated to create an infinitely evolving game.

Gon and Killua revisit Greed Island as beta testers, and they soon run into a mysterious girl named Sufika, who appears to be a beginner. She joins them for their new adventure, but something else is bubbling beneath the surface. Why do such high-difficulty quests keep popping up while they’re out and about with Sufika, and why is the Phantom Troupe pursuing her?

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The new PV will be about Greed Island 2, the sequel to the events of original greed island arc. There’s not much information right now on whether or not Hunter X Hunter is truly back for good and not for a temporary moment like last time. I understand the creator has to take care of his health, so I ain’t getting my hopes up for now. But, this is looking promising for the future.

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