My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 21 (59) – What’s The Big Idea? Review

It’s good to be back with the My Hero Academia Season 3 reviews. I know that last week was more or less a promo for the movie in a sense, so I didn’t feel like reviewing it, however, My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 21 (59) – What’s The Big Idea? came out today and it kicked right from where episode 19 left off.

The exam nears its end, but Izuku and the other hero candidates must fend off Gang Orca to finish the rescue mission. The one thing that came from the episode which I highly agreed with was the idea behind the provisional license exam. Since All Might was the sole symbol of peace, when he fell, it shook the world quite a bit. So to prevent that from happening again, they decided to make every student into a symbol of peace. It’s pretty smart to be honest but we’ll see if their plans works out. Anyways, the real action took place when Todoroki stepped into the scene.


While Deku was placed with the evacuation responsibility of the civilians, Todorki and Inasa pulled up on Gang Orca to try and subdue him. This is when trouble started showing up. Inasa revealed to us why he hated Todoroki and to an exent once again stems from Endeavor and the influence  and impression he left on Inasa as a youth. This then flowed into his interaction with Todoroki during their recommendation exam. Meanwhile, Todoriki reflects on his own growth and realized that he still hasn’t fully forgiven his father and that his hatred as a result him has blinded him.

Gang Orca made quick work of those two as expected. Once they’ve realized the errors of their ways, they teamed up and created this epic Wind/Fire combo attack to keep Orca in place. That entire scene was so well animated and really captured the intensity of the situation. The exam concluded with Bakugo’s team saving the last civilians.

Overall, I thought it was a really dope episode. It was a good character development for Todoroki and Inasa and hopefully we’ll seem more of Isana in the future.


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  1. I couldn’t help but feel that Todoroki’s conflict here was much a rehash of season 2 and his fight with Midoriya, only less interesting because here I didn’t care about the other participant the way I cared about Midoriya. It all just seemed really petty. I do agree it was very nicely animated though.

    • Yeah, at first I felt like it was a rehash as well, however to me it made some sense. No one can just easily forget trauma like what Todoroki went through or forgive someone. It takes time and that hate can still linger in your heart. That might be what they were going for with the episode.

      • And I think it is great that they want to revisit this because I agree that he probably wouldn’t have just gotten over it. However, considering the timing and all and given Todoroki had no reason to really care what the guy from the other school said, it just seems like a really silly time to get into it. That and I would have liked to see Todoroki dealing with his issues outside of combat for once.

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