I’ve been following Shinobi Striker for a long while now, constantly defending and more importantly, criticizing the game throughout it’s development cycle. Heck, I even pre-ordered the game because I’m a huge fan of the Naruto series. I hoped that I’d be proven wrong once the game releases, but after carefully looking at the game, thanks to those who got it early, and how every time I played the game I’d get bored quite quickly, I made the choice to cancel my pre-order and keep my money.

After really thinking about it, I decided to NOT pick up Shinobi Striker. I’ll be honest, the game just doesn’t look like it’s worth the full price. Yes, the game offers what seems to be a multitude of customization options for your character, however, once you clear the smoke, the game in MY OPINION, (I gotta stress this enough cause people really be out here getting offended) the game just doesn’t’ have that much content that’ll tie you over for even a month.

Look at it this way, the game is an online-based game, which means that most of what you can get out of this game will be online. When you look at the online options, there’s really only four modes, Barrier Battle, Flag Battle, Battle Mode and Sub Mode “Mission” which kinda offers you unique challenges and hurdles for an additional challenges. And that’s it. And to make it kinda worse, you can’t even queue up for the mode you want to play.


The modes are categorized into Quick Match and the Ninja League, and it’s rotated to stretch out the longevity and make it feel fresh. There’s offline missions that you can do to earn the jutsus that you want but once you get the jutsu, all that’s left is the bare bone modes, limited stages and abysmal character rosters. Which is wild to me as I’ve never really cared for the amount of characters in a game that offers character creation.

Coupled with the whole camera problem that’s still somewhat persists in the game,  the choice wasn’t all that difficult. The only strong selling points of Shinobi Strikers is the  character customization and the visual art style. I will also give them props for tackling the lag issue in the game.

I didn’t want to mention this as well but since it’s a vital part of the game, I gotta talk about it as well. There’s been report of people having issues getting access to the game. Apparently the demo that was released, prior to the full game’s release was the actual game, and buying the game digitally just gave you access to the game. That created some type of glitch. I’m sure that will be fixed soon with a path, but I understand it can be frustrating.

Personally, €29.99 is the max I’d pay for the game. That’s my final verdict on the game. I’ve said in the past that, there’s no point in complaining about a game, then picking it up and playing it anyways. You gotta stand by your words, and I’ve voiced my concerns and criticisms throughout on my YouTube channel, so it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise.

Let me know your thoughts on the game?

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