When Broly was first revealed to be joining the canonsity of Dragon Ball Super, the world lost their mind. Yes, the WHOLE WORLD lost their minds and for good reason. Broly is a big deal and a staple to the Dragon Ball community, so it got people pondering, what if MORE non-canon characters start making their way to canonicity? Enter Gogeta, another fan favorite who seems to be getting ready to make his debut.

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Of course fans have speculated for months now that if Broly is to ever live up to his true name, Goku and Vegeta WILL have to combine their might to take him down. And with them already pulling Vegito Blue card, there’s only card left in their deck, Gogeta! This theory is now further supported by the recent mining that took place a few hours ago as of this writing!

According to user @komodoxeno ,who data-mined the recent Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 EXTRA PACK that came out, Gogeta might be getting a new form:

Of course, we’ve speculated this way pack when Toei animation started remastering all of the old movies. This is huge and if the movie is successful, they may try and bring other non-canon characters to the canon world of Dragon Ball Super and expand on it. Aside from Gogeta and Broly, Cooler is another popular character that fan would like to see make it to Dragon Ball Super. They could use him to finally address Frieza’s race and origins. Let me know what you guys think?

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