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Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 6 (43) – Sin really answered a whole bunch of questions that I had regarding the previous episode, and in a way, the entire run of this anime. Eren must be feeling like shit right about now.

While sins of the past reveal new truths, this was WAY more than I expected. For instance, Eren’s father wasn’t the noble man we all that he was. When we first saw Grisha Jaeger, we all thought he was a man who had just learned a massive secret about a dark conspiracy and had just made a mad escape. We saw him do something to Eren but we never knew what it was, until today. Grisha Jaeger was made out to be the “villain” in this episode. Now, when I say villain in quotation, it’s because I’m still not sure if everything Rod said was true or not. Keep in mind that the Reiss family have the ability to erase memories. So for now, take everything the mans says with a grain of salt. Still, he killed Reiss’s whole family, made an escape and forced Eren to eat him. Talk about messed up.


Alas, it doesnt end there! We then find out from the dialogue that Kenny had with his grandfather, that the Ackermann family and Oriental clan may also have unique powers of their own. You guys, remember when Mikasa had to defend herself against the killers that invaded her home. We saw lighting blast through her brain and she displayed near superhuman abilities. And now we know that Kenny, not only may posses such powers as well, but he may in fact be Mikasa’s last remaining relative.

As both sides prepare for the upcoming showdown, I can’t help but fell that we STILL haven’t learned even half of the story.

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