If you’re a consumer of YouTube, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard and watched the #KSIvLogan & #DejivJake fight! What I witnessed today was beyond any of my expectations for their fights.

Let me give you a brief summary of what I thought of the fights before it happened. I predicted that Deji was going to lose to Jake and KSI will narrowly win his fight against Logan. With Deji v Jake, Deji never came across as someone who’s taking his fight seriously against Jake! With him constantly making videos and the rumors of him getting dropped by his trainer, things just weren’t looking good for Deji. And unlike Jake, Deji legitimately had no athleticism under his belt. It also doesn’t help that he’s the one that’s done the most shit talking out of the two. That’s the mindset I had before the fight.

With KSI and Logan however, that one was pretty difficult to call. Both are in great shape and both have the drive when it comes fighting their opponent. KSI  also has the slight advantage though, with his boxing experience and his mental game but honestly anything can happen.

Now for the results of the fights!

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My God, the entrance between the two was staggering. Jake walked in with such confidence unlike Deji who’s entrance was lackluster. The first round took me by a massive surprise. Deji actually performed FAR better than I had expected. He actually made Jake nose bleed. I DID NOT EXPECT HIM TO DO THAT! The rest of the fight was a pretty close one. However, Jakw won this time. Deji’s team the in the towel. GG Deji!

Now lets talk about the main event, KSI VS LOGAN. Both had a really good entrance and both showed no fear. BUT! The first round really told a different story. Logan dormant the first round. KSI actually looked shaky that round. The second round wasn’t looking too good either. Indeed, KSI kinda held his own, however Logan’s reach was amazing.  The third round KSI finally came back swinging. Although, it looked like KSI was wasting a lot of energy, KSI really won that round!

The fourth round was intense. KSI really brought some energy but Logan ain’t falling down. KSI kinda won that round. The fifth round was unreal, it was close as hell but I felt like Logan took that round. That combo that Logan unleashed was amazing. HOWEVER, that KSI TOOK THAT SIX ROUND MAN. There’s no doubt about it. His stamina came back on  some saiyan shit.

Now, lets talk about that call. A draw? Bruh, shit felt rigged as hell man. That was so unexpected to be honest. I didn’t wait six months to see a draw? Damm..

Now they’re now planning on a rematch but I’ve learned my lesson! KSI may actually lose if he doesn’t stepped up his training, Logan might win.





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