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Overwatch posted a new video given us the origin story of Overwatch’s hyper-focused and talented mech pilot in our latest animated short: Shooting Star! Honestly, it’s high time, Overwatch just made a feature length movie at this point.

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These small five to ten mins video can add such a level of depth to any character, and for D.VA, that couldn’t be anymore true! Before this video , I always just saw D.VA as a mega gamer of some sort that piloted a mech for her country. I knew what she does was important but never knew the full extent of it until now. This video added so much depth to her character and made her more serious that any comic or voice acting could’ve have done.

It made me realize just how dope of a character she really is in Overwatch. We need more video like this on a regular bases, which I understand can take a while to make. A video a month just telling the lore of the world and the small things that happen would be dope.


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