The stakes are high as hell as Levi and his squad race to save Eren from been eaten. Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 5 (42) – Reply answered one question and raises two more in it’s place. And now I think I know how Eren’s powers came to be!

Erwin pleads his case for the Scouts to be spared, and while he does that, I couldn’t help but look that the King that’s sitted at the throne. I kept wondering why he kept quiet and never said a word. It wasn’t until an unforeseen announcement that was orchestrated by Erwin to trick the four scumbags into showing their true side did we learn that the king was just a phony. That moment reminded me of the scene in Iron Man 3 I believe, in which we learned that the Mandarin was a fake. That was kind funny to me.

This led to the success of the coup and gave a win to the scouts. However, that scene did nothing but raise a lot of questions. Just who is the true enemy of humanity? Yeah, I know that’s the theme of the anime but what I mean is, are the titans really the threat that we’ve been lead to believe?


Meanwhile Arwin says something that I never even considered until that very moment. When a titan eats another human with titan powers, they gain that titan’s powers, so who did Eren eat to gain his powers. This made me think of his father, and here’s why I say that.

At first we were lead to believe that his father injected him with those powers, but now I’m thinking that it’s far more dark  and twisted than we thought.

This is gonna sound crazy but what if Eren was born a titan but never had those powers, and so his father injected something in him to make him turn into a titan so he could eat him and inherent his fathers powers? That would be insane and horrible at the same time. But then, how did his father get those powers? You see what I mean? So many questions pop up when you start to think about it. Also, that would explain why he can’t remember what happened to him that night.

Then you have Historia. Of course with a setting like that near the cliffhanger, you know Historia is a titan herself. Shit! This is all types of hype for me. Bruh if I’m right then…..then I don’t even know man. The legendary mystery of Attack on Tians continues. Overall, solid episode. There’s nothing I can say about it. I just can’t wait for next week man.

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