The second test of the provisional licensing exam has begun, and the hero candidates are suddenly thrust into a rescue operation. If I’m being honest, not much happened in this episode so I’ll highlighting some things that stood out to me.


The first thing that stood out to me was the interaction that Isana and Todoroki had in the lobby room. Isana seems to have a grudge against Todoroki, specifically his father. I can’t remember if we got an answer to this in the manga, but it’s save to save that my curiosity has being peaked. Maybe we might get a fight between those two in the near future.

Aside from that, the Class of 1A finally got a taste of what it really like to go on a rescue mission. The episidoe ends with Gang Orca crashing the party to play the villain that interrupts the battlefield, forcing the soon to be heroes to make a difficult decision.

Overall, like I said  there wasn’t much to talk about content wise. We had some funny moments with Deku, Denki and Mineta, then we saw the genius of Momo demonstrating her great observation skills and lastly Bakugo had the best rescue we’ve ever seen. Honestly, Bakugo deserves MVP for that face he pulled. Truly outstanding.


Just. Look. At. ALL. THAT. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! Nah, but joking aside, Bakugo surprisingly has these sharp moments that get overlooked because of that personality of his. Oh well!

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