So the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 26 manga came out and well I’m not sure how to feel about Naruto decision to invite Kawaki into his home. And Boruto rivalry with Kawaki may even be more toxic than Naruto’s with Sasuke. 

So we learned quite a bit about Kawaki’s and Jigen’s past. The manga starts out with with a shot of kids in what looks to test tubes of some kind. This era of Naruo seems to be all about human modification and experiments. Orochiramu must be happy as hell to see that people have finally picked up his hobby. Joking aside, the manga shot was very disturbing

This is our first indication that they’re might be more people like Kawaki out there and Kawaki might the first test subject that was success. This Jigen also said something to Kawaki about giving him a “Gift” of some kind, which to my guess could be the karma seal that’s on his palm. If it’s not that, then maybe we might learn about it in the future.

30The manga shot changes to Kawaki waking up in the hospital with Shikimaru and Naruto overlooking him. We see that the five Kages have held another meeting to discuss what they plan on doing with Kawaki. This is when Naruto had the ingenious plan of keeping a close eye on him and even bringing him home with him. Like, I get what Naruto meant by not confining him to a jail, but I still feel like that’s a really bad move on Naruto. However, we’ll just have to wait and see how his plan plays out in the long run and whether or not this will prove to be his downfall.


Naturally, Kawaki trues to escape multitude of times and failed and after Naruto transforms into his tailed beast form, Kawaki finally realizes that escape is futile. Boruto comes home and after seeing Hima’s vase broken, he confronts Kawaki. This was when he finally introduces himself to Boruto and their toxic rival begins. I say toxic as in, I feel like Kawaki WILL tear Naruto’s family apart. Yeah, he says that there wasn’t any malice towards breaking the vase and I can understand his distrust towards others, but that’s precisely why I feel like Kawaki being around the Uzumaki family might have bad implications.


Naturally, Boruto will try and get close to him, but if the first few minutes of the first episode is anything to go by, that fails. Especially if he has the heart to kill the man who tried to give him a family. There’s also the comment that Kawaki made about Jigen powers and how Naruto “might” be stronger than him. I mean giving the fact that Kawaki doesn’t even know what a Hokage is, shows that Kawaki has limited knowledge on the world. That means, Kawaki has only known the Kara members and has only them to gauge powers with.

I can’t wait to learn more about Kara, Jigen and the powers that they seek

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