With the conclusion of the first test of the provisional licensing exam, I’ll have to say that I was surprised by what I witnessed in My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 18 (56).

You know, despite the fact that I’ve already read the manga, this entire episode caught me off guard. I don’t mean it in an epic or a bad way, I just mean that I wasn’t expecting anything in particular and yet felt like I was thrown for a loop. Like for instance, I didn’t know that invincible girl actual had any abilities aside from well….being invisible. I wasn’t expecting Denki to pull off anything cool, despite having a cool quirk but he actually did. That set up with those projectiles was pretty smart. And finally, I wasn’t expecting Laser boy to do anything that would save his team, but he did. See what I mean? This whole episode was like that for me.


The first portion of the episode was all about Denki vs Sir and how Denki overcame his problem with using his quirk. He also made comments to Bakugo’s progression as a character and how he opted to using his AP:Shot in small portions to avoid hurting anyone. I thought that pretty cool.

The only thing that gave me a bit of chill was the interaction between Bakuo and Deku and the comment Bakugo made. That was great set up for things to come.

The second half of the episode focused on Laser Boy and him coming to terms with how useless he feels among his peers but after getting a pep talk from Iida, he decided to become a living signal that allowed his classmates to pass. Of course he ain’t useless but he did feel like he couldn’t stand with the rest of his classmates.

Overall, this episode wasn’t anything special to be honest. It was cool but I wouldn’t rate it high or anything.

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