So Polygon released an article a couple of hours ago that featured Ninja given his decision on why he doesn’t stream with female streamers and the internet lost their marbles. Yeah, I know it’s old news in internet world but I still wanted to weigh in my thoughts on it.

I’ll be 100% honest with y’all, I didn’t give a fuck about all of this when this article was released or Ninja’s choice in not streaming with female streamers. However, the more I read people’s opinion on it from both sides, the more I got intrigued so I decided that I wanted to weigh in on the topic. To give you some context:

Ninja is married man. In order to preserve his relationship with his wife, he chose to not stream with other females streamers to prevent rumors and speculations from occurring. He did it for his wife and for the fact that streaming now to him has his livelihood and he’d rather not risk spreading unnecessary gossip.


On one side, people are saying that it’s his choice and he should be able to make it without feeling peer pressured by the community to stream with female streamers. On the other side, their argument is that Ninja is insinuating that female gamers are always going be viewed as people who either cause trouble or that Ninja’s decision is going to cause more grief for female gamers who are already experiencing hate or discrimination. Women often are the receiving of harassment, obsessive or judgmental viewers. There’s more to it but I don’t really feel like going into it like that.

So what do I think of all this? I think Ninja has the right to make his decision and everyone is way over reacting to his decision. The man obviously wants to maintain his marriage and has opted to avoid gossips at all cost. Of course, is Ninja’s decision a great one? No. Far from it in my opinion

Listen, if you have to exclude an entire gender just to preserve your marriage, then the marriage ain’t really that strong now to be honest. I mean, that’s a bit extreme in my opinion but I’m not about to go send hate messages to the guy or control him in anyway, he has every right to make whatever decision he wants. It’s his twitch, his life, so we can’t do shit. However, it does send a nasty message to the world, in which, you can’t be friends with a girl without something being up.

Although, with everyone attacking him for his decision, he has proved his point to some extent. Maybe he’s right after all!

What’s your thoughts on the matter?

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