If you’re like me and have been keeping up with EVERYTHING Super Smash Bros Ultimate, then at some point you’ve might have picked up on a certain theme that Ultimate seems to be going with as of late. I want to discuss and explore what Sakurai might be plotting with the latest Smash game.

So lets start from the very beginning, when Smash Ultimate was first revealed. When the Squid Girl turned around and saw the Smash ball symbol, it gave off a bleak feeling. You have Mario, Link and the rest of the smash characters hidden in a dark silhouettes as the assimilate the squid girl to the roster. After that, we get nothing. We had to wait for sometime before we got another trailer.

This time, it was the Ridely reveal trailer. Once again, shit was dark as hell. Way darker than anything Smash has done in the past to my knowledge. Two characters were instantly killed off, and I mean KILLED off by Ridely before revealing himself to Samus. Now what was interesting about that reveal trailer was that it featured Mario, Megaman and Samus walking together through a facility of sort. No random fighting, no weird shit, the trailer insinuated that these guys were on a mission. It was a clear good guys vs bad guys vibe. Now I would’ve ignored this if it was just a one time thing but nah, the theme continues.

20180613_2 (2)

The next trailer shows us Luigi going through a castle from Castlevania. Luigi encounters a lot of monster from the Castlevania games, until he finally meets Death. Now, Death could’ve just scared Luigi into fainting, and then have Simon come in before Death delivers the final blow, but nah, Sakurai intentionally allowed Death to kill Luigi. Don’t let the Twitter or Facebook account fool you, Luigi as of that trailer along with Mario and Megaman are dead.

Sure, you can say that it’s just a promo, and Luigi’s unfortunate “death” is used to illustrate the dangers of the haunted castle but nah, this is something else. I’m entering full conspiracy mode.

And when you take into account that they’re introducing boss fights into the game, there’s no doubt that there’s a story in the works that’s even more grim & fatalistic than the Sub Space Emissary. Given what Nintendo has being doing as of late and given us games that have been more mature and serious to appeal to a more older audience, this may be the same move in Ultimate.



If you remembered the menu screen that was revealed in Ultimate, then you might have seen the menu that was pixaleted. Rumor on the street is that the menu’s name is “Spirit”! Of all the name that they could’ve given it, the chose Spirit.

Also, this kinda fits with another popular theory that was proposed by Youtuber Game theorist. So the theory is called Game Theory: Super Smash Bros TRAGIC Hidden Lore, it theorizes that Smash is all about a child’s imagination and with each game we start to see the child grow up. If we are to add this theory to the theme of death that we’ve seen in the trailers, then one could argue that, the child has now grown up and has now acquired a taste for more serious themes.

Looking back at all the previous trailer, all of them have being light-hearthed and/or still captures the Smash essences. This time, the trailers, to me anyways, have given off this sense of urgency, uncertainty and fear! Is this how Sakurai feels about the future of the Smash series?

The next trailer holds the answer! If we see another character get killed or show signs of fear then we’re in for one hell of a journey and I can’t wait. Let me know you’re thoughts on this?


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