Just like you guys, I was dumbfounded when I first found out that our favorite raging Saiyan was becoming canon to the Dragon Ball series. Yes, I know some people in the community don’t believe in canonicity with Dragon Ball, however I’m not one of those people. Canon to me means anything that follows the main protagonist Goku’s main timeline. Everything else is non-canon. With that being said, I wanted to talk about Broly and how he might be defeated in battle.

To recap, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is an upcoming 2018 Japanese animated action film, that takes place after the Universe Survival Saga depicted in Dragon Ball Super. Under the tagline “the greatest enemy, Saiyan”, the film will depict the fate of series protagonist Son Goku and Vegeta as they encounter a new Saiyan called Broly. The movie will include the connection of the Frieza army, and the history of the Saiyans.

In the old movies, Broly was unstoppable! Despite the efforts of the Z fighters, Broly straight up washed them all, and it took the combined might of everyone sending their energy to Goku to deliver the final blow. The ending of the first movie didn’t quite make sense but we all gave it a pass since it was just a movie and non-canon to the Dragon Ball story. However, this time it will be different.


Based on the trailer, Broly in his base form was going toe to toe with Super Saiyan Blue, which raised a lot of eyebrows. Not to mention that by the end of the trailer, it looked like Broly decided to hit that Legendary transformation. So how in the hell is Goku and Vegeta going to defeat such a monster?

If you remember way, way back when Beerus had this dream about a Saiyan God and when he talked about there being another person that he considered the strongest person he’s ever faced, I think that that person Beerus was referring to was Broly. From the very beginning they confirmed he’s return. If Beerus, the god of destruction says that Broly was his strongest opponent that he’s ever faced then this will be a tough fight for Goku.

Now a lot of people are banking on Ultra Instinct to make a return and that will be enough to beat Broly, however I believe that Goku might be in for a bit of a trouble. UI Goku and Broly would be on the even playing field, however UI might not even be enough to beat Broly. I think that Goku will lose on a one to one bases.


This is me basing this on the evidence from his previous fight with Jiren. Jiren was able to go toe to toe with UI Goku and even one up him on certain instances. It took literally everything to subdue Jiren, and still it felt like Goku could lose at any moment. So how do I think the fight will end with Broly?

Well, I see it play out in a number of ways: the first being that Broly, after pushing his strength to the maximum, will start to burn out and implode, causing his own demise. Since this is a reboot, we can’t rely on the old movies too much to help us here.

Another outcome could be that Beerus will most likely step in if Broly attacks him. Beerus would never step in to save Goku, so it will have to be Broly who attacks him first. The two will fight for a brief moment before Beerus decides to Hakai him. One theory that I have is that Broly may not even be killed in this movie.

From the scans that was released for the movie, we saw that Broly was battle scarred and his skin got darker. It could be that Broly may survive his encounter with Goku and ends up staying in the universe but not with Goku.

Last theory is that after brutally demolishing Goku and is about to deliver the killing attack, his mind control breaks off. No longer being controlled, he hold off from killing Goku, but continues to fight him. After beating him, he goes off, probably going on a quest to find his place in the universe.

My point is that, no matter how I play this fight in my mind, I can’t see Goku as the clear victor, even with Ultra Instinct. So, I’ll let you guys tell me how you see this fight play out in the movie. Let me know in the comments below.

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