This weeks episode, My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 17 really gave us some great character development for Yaoyorozu. Seeing her grow like that was amazing.

The first few minutes of the episode showed Todoroki’s on his own against Seijin High. He held his own against them, even making it seem easy! Despite them coming prepared and having quirks to counter Todoroki’s quirk, he was smart and used his surrounding to his advantage.

Yaoyorozu’s group was the main focus of the episode. Her team got pitted against Seiai Academy as they and the rest of Class 1-A fight to pass the first test. The leader of that group had the most interesting of quirks ever. Apparently, when she drinks tea and closes her eyes her IQ goes up tremendously. However, that didn’t help them at all as Yaoyorozu is also a very intelligent, dedicated person who acts as a natural leader. She is generally very level-headed and calm even in very dangerous situations, which was really shown well against Saiko.


Once she realized Saiko’s plans, she countered it with a plan to knock out her team with ultra high frequency attack. This was a battle of the mind and it was so satisfying to watch. Best Girl for sure. Anyways, the scene changes to Deku and Bakugo and how they;re they drive for their class but lets not get distracted by the fact that this was Momo’s time.

Overall, I was very happy on how this episode turned out.

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