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I’m Confused On The Official Top 10 Fastest DC Characters Ranking!

So apparently DC’s Joshua Williamson decided to officially end all debates by creating the Official Top 10 Fastest DC Characters Ranking, however, I don’t quite agree with the reasons behind the ranking.

So here is the current ranking along with a small note from Joshua Williamson:

  • #10 is Kid Flash.
  • #9 Shazam.
  • #8 God Speed.
  • #7 Wonder Woman.
  • #6 Cheetah.
  • #5 The Black Racer.
  • #4 Superman.
  • #3 Reverse-Flash.
  • #2 Barry Allen.
  • #1 Wally West.


Now don’t get me wrong here, this list seems legit to some extent, but it’s the explanation that the writer behind DC’s The Flash comic series, Joshua Williamson gave for his ranking that made no sense to me honestly. Let’s talk about each of the ranking one by one and discuss their placements.

Kid Flash at #10 is perfectly fine by me. As a new speedster, I don’t expect him to be any higher than that and the fact that he’s young means that he has the potential to get even faster. Shazam being at #9 confused me a bit. According to Williamson, Shazam “can run as fast as lightning bolts” thanks to the power of the god Hermes. So you’d think that Shazam would at the very least able to outrank both Wonder Woman and Cheetah with ease, unless I’ve missed something over the years.

God Speed being at #8 is wild as hell to me. I know that Joshua Williamson said that because Barry and Wally took some of his speed away made him slower than his original speed, but to be outranked by both WW and Cheetah is beyond wild to me. Speaking of these two fine ladies, their logic behind them solid but not valid enough for me to accept them at their current ranking but what can I do, I’m just a comic book fan.

Personally, I would put The Black Racer at the #4 ranking as I do believe that it makes sense with his explanation that Joshua Williamson gave to him. Superman, despite being broken, wouldn’t be higher than #5 the ranking in my honest opinion. After that, everything else is fine. I’ve always known that Wally was faster than Barry, however what I hadn’t known was the reason behind it.

The whole “spirit”, is kinda cool and adds some level of coolness to Wally in my opinion. Like I said, I ain’t angry or salty about the list but I do have my opinions and I wanted to share them with you guys. Let me know your thoughts on this ranking.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Confused On The Official Top 10 Fastest DC Characters Ranking!

  1. Ummm I don’t understand why you don’t regard Wonder Woman fast she herself has the speed of a god as well. If anything Cheetah should be lower.

  2. There are a couple of folk who probably deserve to be on that list. If Superman is there, Icon should be as well… Supergirl and Powergirl would probably also make the list, since we’ve established that you can have multiple speedsters from the same “family” with the multiple Flashes. Then there’s Red Death, another explicit speedster.

    Just off the top of my head.

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