This weeks Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 2 was by far the most action packed that I’ve seen in a long ass time. I mean the way Levi was dodging and gliding through the air as he evaded the pursuers was insane.

We learned a bit more about the relationship between Levi and Kenny, well just enough to understand that Levi  and all of his epicness was all thanks to Kenny’s way! Anyways, right after that, we got what was perhaps the greatest 3D gear battle of all time. This was also our first look at human vs human combat and honestly, I wasn’t expecting the fight to have such an impact to the way I’ve watched the anime. The animation was damm near god tier. I caught myself going wild just on how amazing Levi was at using the 3D Gear. That shit was clean AF.


Anyways, the second half of the episode was more intense with Armin having to deal with the fact that how has blood on his hands now. His dialogue and how he’s coming tot terms with it was powerful. And I say that because, as someone like him who started out not being the toughest of scouts to quickly understanding the position that he’s in showed great growth. The mystery really starts to pile up when we learn more about what awaits Eren and Historia’s legacy.

Overall, this episode was pure fire man, I can’t find a single thing that I can fault this episode on. Simply amazing.


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