The provisional licensing exam has begun, and everyone’s after Class 1-A! This is when we see just how powerful the other schools are in comparisons to UA.

I an’t gonna lie, this episode was kinda heat! Besides the unnecessary recap from the previous episode, the fights starts off with the other schools ganging up on UA. Despite UA best efforts to stay together, Shindo decided that it was time to separate the team and unleashed his ultimate attack which created this massive earthquake. Meanwhile, you have Inasa Yoarashi going over kill with his quirk. Within a fraction of a second, he single handily took out 120 students. That was crazy to see happen.


Deku on the other hand goes toe to toe with this weird girl that seems to be able to change her appearance at will.  It was kinda funny how even though Deku knew that the weird girl had changed herself to Uruaka, he still saved her. Seeing Deku rationalize his reasons for doing it shows how far he’s come from the crybaby in Season 1.

Anyways, shortly after, the real Uruaka and Tape man shows up and she had to retreat. The scene then changes to Todoroki and his battle against 10 ninja who pulled up on him. Even though it looked like he had the advantage, the ninja leader made it clear that they came prepared. The episode ends with Todoroki in a tough situation.

Overall, I thought the episode was awesome and wasn’t dragged on. Like how I’ve been saying, the pacing so far has been great so I can’t wait to see more next week.

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